Located in Las Vegas, NV

Savannah is a multifaceted individual with a passion for both the creative and analytical realms. As a part-time photographer, she has honed her skills in editorial photography, capturing compelling stories and visuals that resonate with audiences. While photography has been a significant part of Savannah's life, her creative pursuits are currently taking a backseat to delve into the dynamic field of renewable energy.


As an avid consumer and creator of art, I find immense joy in the sense of understanding that can be found through its expressions. It is only natural that I strive to reciprocate that connection through my own creations.

Behind the Lens

From Denver I recently embarked on a new chapter in Las Vegas to pursue a career dedicated to the business aspects of renewable energy. I thrive on challenges that push me to grow professionally and personally and approach every task with a thirst for understanding.


I find fulfillment in mapping out new photography concepts, exploring innovative approaches to meeting goals at work, delving into in-depth research on a new topic each afternoon, or expanding my perception through reading and deeply getting to know other people.

“It is a crime to deprive the world of your art”